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Texas Triva

Four days after the Declaration of Independence, news came to the convention on the Brazos of the desperate plight of Colonel William Barret Travis , under siege at the Alamo in San Antonio. Sam Houston, commander-in-chief of the Texas Army, left Washington post-haste for Gonzales, to, take command of the troops there and go to the aid of Travis. He arrived there on the 11th, and at about dark learned from two Mexicans who had just arrived from San Antonio that the Alamo had fallen and its 183 brave defenders massacred. This was confirmed two days later by Mrs. Almeron Dickinson who had been released by the Mexicans after seeing her lieutenant husband killed in the old mission. She was trudging toward Gonzales with her babe in her arms when the Texas army scouts found her.

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The Largest Known Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz

176.30 Carats
32.22 X 25.04mm

We were fortunate in that we had the opportunity to handle and test what is believed to be the Largest Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz known!

We were approached by an avid Mineral collector and true to his roots Texan in search of the largest Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz, we knew of a stone that was over 132 carats, huge by any stretch of the imagination but this gentleman wanted to go one better.

After an extensive search, he happened across a large piece of rough represented as topaz from Mason County. The rough was purchased and expertly cut into the Official Lone Star Cut.

The intention was for this stone to be displayed at the Museum of Natural History in Houston Texas for all the world to enjoy. Before the Museum would be able to accept the stone as being the Largest Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz from Texas, it was needed to be proven that the stone have indisputable Texas origins.

That was easier said than done. The stone was examined by the American Gem Trade Association and a report issued, unfortunately the origin of material was inconclusive.

That is where Randy and Mark with PureTexan.com came in. We accepted the task of trying to determine, with out a doubt, the origins of the stone.

Luckily Mark was able to have the Professor George Shankle of the Angelo State University in San Angelo Texas make use of the Lab and its equipment. An extensive array of testing was done with X-ray Flourescence and Infrared Spectroscopy comparing the large stone to known Mason County and Brazilian material. We were hoping to isolate an element or two that would be unique to the Mason County material thus proving its origin through chemical analysis.

Unfortunately, there was no element traces seen in the unknown material that was not found in both the Brazilian or the Mason County Texas material.

While the origin is still undetermined, this is nonetheless a fantastic stone and great tribute to the State of Texas.

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Shown With A U.S. Kennedy Half Dollar

Weight: 176.30 Carats

Dimensions: 32.22 in Diameter X 25.04 Deep

Near Flawless



Special thanks to Phillip Mani for allowing us the opportunity to view this incredible stone.

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