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Your Ranch Brand as Jewelry

Custom Brand Jewelry at Puretexan.com
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- We can create your Ranch or Cattle Brand into a cherished jewelry item! Rings, Cufflinks, Pendants and Earrings, anything you would like.

Texas Trivia

November 1839 -- The Texas Congress first met in Austin, the frontier site selected for the capital of the Republic.

Most PureTexan.com Jewelry is available online here or at Legend Jewelers San Angelo Texas

18 E. Concho Ave
San Angelo TX 76903


Some of the best ideas are something you really didn't plan!

Although the principals of puretexan.com, Randy Chambers and Mark Priest, both 5th Generation Texans. have known each other for years, the creation of the Pure Texan Lifestyle and concept evolved overnight.

From some new jewelry design computer software, an excitement and passion for the jewelry they create, a knowledge of what looks good, and a desire to offer the best of the Texas lifestyle, Artesano literally was born from a few cool ideas that exploded into a complete jewelry and lifestyle line.

And that was just the beginning!

Randy is a Fifth Generation Texan and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. His father had been in the jewelry business for years. He is a Graduate Gemologist, Horologist (Watchmaker), Bench Jeweler and CAD jewelry Designer. His love of Texas extends from Texas Songwriters to touring all parts of the great state for recreation Golf and Photography, a few of his passions..
Mark is a native Houstonian and fifth generation Texan but moved to San Angelo, Texas as fast as he could. Although he has those "city roots", he likes the wide-open spaces of West Texas and the fresh air. In 1995, Mark opened Legend Jewelers. In a very short 12 years, the jewelry store, and the legacy it creates daily is well known throughout the cities, towns and ranches of West Texas. He has been featured in publications such as Texas Highways and Southern Living magazines.

Between these two guys (who are both in their 50's), they have over 50 years of jewelry design experience and two lifetimes of Texas living!! That kind of heritage only comes from good solid business morals, a love for what they do and being blessed to be born in Texas.

Mark and Randy Enjoying a little R & R at Oscars y Lalo's in Akumal Mexico where many of the Corona TV commercials are shot.

Both jewelry stores are members of the prestigious American Gem Society. Both guys are past presidents of the local chapters of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Associates.

So what makes them click?

They both recall meeting the first time in the early 1980's at a gathering of gemologists from the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Randy was probably one of the first jewelers in the U.S. to learn the "codes" for creating something called a website on something called the Internet.

Pretty soon they both had wives and kids and lives. An acquaintance that started from a business meeting has evolved into a lifelong friendship of website ideas, family trips to the zoo and late night bull sessions that only guys understand.

Randy loves to sail, fish and be one with the Texas waterways. He's downright dangerous with darts; he also has a love of Texas Songwriters supporting many Texas Songwriter events throughout the State and embraces all things Texana. His wife is a successful business woman in her own right and shares in his joy of the jewelry business.

Mark actually owns a bordello in addition to a jewelry store. Yep, you heard right, and that raises a few eyebrows.

Truth be known, Legend Jewelers is located in one of West Texas' most famous buildings on Historic Concho Street: The Miss Hattie's Building of San Angelo.

This well known landmark hosts guided tours into a side of rough and tough cowboy life that just ain't talked about that much. The bordello opened in 1901 and stayed in business until being shut down by the Texas Rangers in 1952. Today, the second floor is a veritable history lesson in days gone by. When not working to continue the restoration of the 100 year old building he owns, he chills out on one of the local lakes or simply sitting with his favorite Venezuelan rum mixed with a cola.

Randy and Mark invite you to take a look at their heartfelt creations and collections of items unique to Texians. (The original term Texans called themselves.) Their Texas lifestyle selections of unique creations make great and unusual gifts.

These guys shop hard to supply items created in the greatest State on earth, by the greatest craftsman in that State. So feel free to buy, buy, buy!

If you don't see what you're looking for, Email us with your requests or suggestions and one of us will personally get back to you!

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