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The Laguna Madre Nature Trail, known locally as the birding boardwalk, provides access to the Laguna Madre bay for birders and other outdoor enthusiasts. From the 1,500-foot boardwalk that extends across four acres of wetland, onlookers can see egrets, herons, oystercatchers, terns, and our own White-Morph Redish Egret wading in the shallow water of the Laguna Madre. The Black and Yellow Rail have also been sighted. A short 20-minute drive from South Padre Island is The Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, located east of Rio Hondo and bordering the Laguna Madre bay. This 45,000-acre federal preserve is the Valley's largest wildlife refuge and is home to over 400 species of birds, plus ocelots, deer, javalina, squirrels, long-tailed weasels, alligators and mountain lions. Admittedly, mountain lions are rare, but have been spotted none the less.


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Welcome to PureTexan.com!
Your outfitters for the Southwestern Lifestyle

We are proud to bring you what we feel are the best in products available to facilitate your Texas and Southwest lifestyle.
Finely crafted items that embrace the Texana heritage, items that we know will be treasures for generations to come.

It matters not if you are a Native Texan, as long as you are a Pure Texan.
In our travels, we continually search all the corners of our great State looking for finely crafted items that embrace the Texana heritage, items that we know will be treasures for generations to come.

PureTexan.com is Home of The Orginal 100% Texas Woman Pendant (Click here to see it!)

Enjoy your visit!

While we developed this site to feature our unique creations featuring the Official State Stone, the Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz (Click here to see the largest known Lone Star Cut topaz), we soon began to realize that there were many other unique offerings from many talented, many Native Texan, artists that should be shared with the rest of the State.
We found Artesanos that worked with Colored Stones, Sterling Silver, Hill Country Lime Stone and so many types of mediums that it blew our minds.

From handcrafted jewelry and craft items from the Native Texans of piney woods of East Texas, or Tejano crafts from the true artesanos of the South Texas Borders, Wood and Native Texas Limestone creations from the Hill Country, various crafts shared from the coastal regions, items hewn with care from North Texas and the Red River Valley, and even the rare Concho Pearls from West Texas, we are here to bring it all together for you.

Take a look around, enjoy the site, let us know if there is anything you would like to see.
Enjoy your visit and please, tell your Pure Texan friends about us!


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