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Both Goodnight and Loving knew there would be huge obstacle ahead - a stretch of over 80 miles of treeless desert without water, the Llano Estacado or Staked Plains. At Fort Sumner, Loving and Goodnight sold all the steers for $12,000 in gold - a fortune! This left several hundred head of cows and calves that the Army declined to buy, so it was agreed that Loving would take that remnant herd into Denver for sale, as he'd been there in '61. To prevent the disaster of Indian starvation, the Army was willing to pay high prices for more cattle to be delivered. The Fort was in desparate need of beef, and Loving and Goodnight now knew what it took to deliver. So Goodnight took 3 hands and headed back to Texas to begin building a second herd with the proceeds.

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Custom Brand Jewelry

You have worked hard putting your ranch together, got a great and unique brand that adorns your gate, business cards, letterhead and your stock.

Why not show off your brand in what you wear?

We can custom create almost any item of jewelry, Rings, Cuff links, Lapel/hat pins, pendants, jacket button sets, you name it, with your original brand in 14 karat gold or Sterling Silver.

(Click here to see some examples)

Each item will be tailor made for you in numerous style options.

For these items, please contact Puretexan.com partner Randy Chambers at randy@puretexan.com or at 817-832-3840 to discuss your project.

After our initial conversations and receiving an email of your logo or brand, Randy will provide CAD renderings of the proposed item to settle on the details.

From that point, your jewelry will be created using CAD/CAM technology for the perfect piece to show off your brand!

Price quotes provided during discussion stage, call today to get your project started.


For the Brand Jewelry the Pricing is as follows:

One time CAD creation fee: $125.00, good for all the items ordered.


Sterling Silver $125-$225

14Kt Gold $425-$750


Sterling Silver $250-$550

14Kt Gold $750-$950


Sterling Silver $350-$550

14Kt Gold $750-$950

Ladies Rings

Sterling Silver $250-$375

14Kt Gold $500-$900

Men’s Rings

Sterling Silver $375-$650

14kt Gold $900-$2000


Sterling Silver $250-$375

14Kt Gold $400-$700

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